Ultra fine and lightweight, silk is also the strongest natural fibre in the world. With a smooth diaphanous feel, silk is chemically similar to human skin providing a feeling of highly breathable weightlessness, while regulating body temperature in all climates.

Domex silk liners are made using luxurious Mulberry silk, spun from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori silkworm, which feed exclusively on mulberry leaves. The resulting silk fibres set the benchmark in luxury, being the longest, strongest, and most uniform of all silks.

A generous side opening offers easy access and generous movement.

Domex liners are easy to wash and fast drying, helping you to keep your sleeping bag cleaner for longer.

Premium Mulberry silk
Silk helps to regulate body temperature
Breathable natural fibres
Side opening for ease of access
Lightweight 100g total weight
Easy to wash
Helps keep sleeping bag cleaner for longer
Good insulation properties – warm in winter / cool in summer

Weight: 100g
Dimensions: 210cm (length) x 82cm (width)

Weight 0.1 kg



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