Vivos most versatile trail footwear to date, these are designed for on the trails and more. Lightweight, flexible, quick to drain and dry, and with a snug collar fit keeping grit and debris out, whilst letting all the feeling in. Made with our Soft Ground outsole for unparalleled grip to connect with the toughest terrains.

Foot shaped (not shoe shaped), to let your feet do their natural thing
WIDE to allow for natural stability
THIN to enable you to feel more
FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement
The Ortholite Performance Insole comprised of recycled PU foam, reducing waste and the use of virgin plastics.
Made from recycled materials, reusing post-consumer plastic waste, helping to reduce our waste to landfill.
The Soft Ground Sole offers aggressive chevron lug traction and a sticky rubber compound for use on wet, muddy terrain. 2.5mm base and 5mm lug height designed to maximise ground feel and grip on soft, muddy terrain. The textured arch provides zonal grip for technical trail movement.
WIDE to allow for healthy foot spread and natural stability, THIN to enable you to feel more and move skillfully, and FLEXIBLE to build foot strength enable natural movement.
Made with feeling in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam.