1.8L WindBurner Stove System – ideal for small groups

Featuring radiant burner technology in a windproof, modular design, this stove system delivers ultra-efficient performance for small groups on minimalist, pace-pushing trips, with the versatility to customise group cooking experience. The stoves enclosed burner and pressure regulator deliver fast-boil meals and fast-brewed coffee in challenging conditions that can slow down other stoves. The included 1.8 L pot is perfectly sized for two/three, and nests all system components for easy packing. The WindBurner Duos stove fits all WindBurner cookware, offering a range of cooking options to support different trips.

Enclosed radiant burner makes stove virtually impervious to wind.
Fast & Fuel Efficient
Built-in heat exchanger, windproof design and internal regulator produce fast boil times and excellent fuel efficiency, even in wind and cold.
System Convenience
Modular, nesting components produce all-in-one systems that are customizable for everything from solo trips to group adventures.

Ideal for trips with 2-3 people, fast-boil meals and making coffee/tea
Compact, all-in-one, fast-boil system with personal cook-and-eat features
Anti-topple remote canister design and self-centring pot

Weight: 597g (includes pot)
Volume: 1.8L
Boil time (MSR IsoPro), 1 litre: 4.5 minutes

Weight 0.6 kg


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