Contents: 1X Triangular Bandage 1X Crepe Bandage 7.5cm 5X Gauze Squares 2pk 2X Combine Dressings 10 X 10cm 1X Non-Adherent Pad 7.5 X 5cm 1X Non-Adherent Pad 7.5 X 10cm 40X Plasters 5X Elastic Fabric Dressings 2X Blister Plasters Small 1X Blister Plaster Large 1X Paper Tape Roll 2X Wound Cleansing Wipes 2X Alcohol Wipes 2X Saline Solution for sterilizing 1X Sterile Skin Closures 5pk 5X Splinter Probes 1X Scissors 1X Forceps 1X CPR Shield 1X Pair Gloves 2X Safety Pins 3X Cotton Buds 1X Packet Tissues 1X Foil Emergency Blanket 1X First Aid Basic Emergency Info 1X Contents List 1X First Aid Kit Bag


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