The Legacy Lite Antishock is an extremely light, comfortable trekking pole made of high-strength aluminium.

The DSS Antishock system, which is integrated directly above the tip cushions the impact when using poles by 40 percent and thus relieves the joints, tendons and ligaments.

Combined with the anatomically shaped EVOCON trekking grip, vibrations are effectively reduced.

With the Speed Lock + adjustment system, it can be shortened to backpack size in a in a matter of seconds.

Those who value maximum comfort and joint protection have found the right pole in the Legacy Lite AS.


Construction: Vario
Strap: Lock Security Strap
Segments: 3 Pieces
Adjustment System: Speed Lock +
Damping: Dynamic Suspension system {DSS}
Pack Size: 68cm
Length: 100-135cm
Weight: 261g
Diameter: 16 / 14 / 12mm
Material: Aluminium HTS 6.0


Single, Pair