A lightweight, universal crampon designed to meet classical demands. G10 is compact (with only ten points), user friendly (short, non-aggressive points), simple to size (rapid, tool-free adjustment system), and will fit a any size boot (you may need long bar if size 45 or higher boot). The New Classic binding can be used on flexible boots, or those with the soles moulded directly to the upper. In addition, the entire adjustment mechanism may be replaced with a simple nut and bolt; while this reduces weight, future length adjustments will require tools. G10 is perfect for ski touring, trekking, or for women and children (whose short, boot sole lengths don’t require many points underneath them). – Manufactured from Chromoly steel using new technology which is exclusive to Grivel at this time. – Four anti-shear points, perpendicular to the line of the boot, improve security during descents. – Fully adjustable by hand, without tools and one size fits most. – Comes with a regular flex bar – Weight 850g per pair – Easily collapsed for transportation. By placing a bolt (included) through the front of the arch piece, it will remain centred, reducing the overall length of the collapsed crampon.

Weight 0.5 kg